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Design of the antenna FA20. (18..22 dBi).


   Experience of recurrence simple effective Wi-Fi antenna FA 20. The description of the author is to the address of: http://sterr.narod.ru/wifi/fa20.zip (.pdf-format). Differences concern used materials and technology, but not the sizes!
   The author used sheets of a food tin or the zinced iron and double-sided printed circuit board. We use double-sided printed circuit board and aluminium corners. Time of manufacturing: 2-3 hours. Presence of the assistant is desirable.
   The sizes, according to the original are shown below.

   The basis 490х222 mm. Attention size is 490x220 mm. Mistake in pdf file.
   To cut out from double-sided printed circuit board. At first time, to drill the top line of apertures. If you are sure in correct sectoring, it is possible to drill and bottom line. If is not present, will make the bottom apertures, when fix the top edges of vibrators. The aluminium corner 25х25 mm fastens on edge of the basis. It is necessary to make hermetic sealing of all seams.





   My manufacturing techniques of vibrators from double-sided printed circuit board:

1) To cut out rectangulars 1.
2) By stratifying double-sided printed circuit board to divide preparation on two parts. To level the received preparations from double-sided printed circuit board, having cleaned its surpluses. This party of the vibrator should be smooth.
3) To execute the cuts shown by a red line in the field of rectangulars 2.
4) To cut a sharp firm knife on green lines in the field of rectangulars from two parties. To break out rectangulars aside, opposite to a foil.
5) A fine emery paper accurately to smooth out end faces of the turned out vibrators. The method is good that for one operation is ready two vibrators.

   To cut out from a brass strip thickness of 0,5 mm the communication line of vibrators.
   The vibrators fasten to racks from a copper wire of 1,5-2 mm. All connections are subject to the soldering..
   The installation of the antenna does not require the large efforts and depends on a place, where you want it to establish.
   Distance between vibrators and reflector is 6 mm.

Results of the tests FA20 and D-Link 24-1800 are resulted below.


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